Hey Black Pistol Fire, Atlanta Wants You to #Get2ATL!

Black Pistol Fire has never played in Atlanta and I’m sharing this until they do (part of our #Get2ATL series):  

Update (7/28/13): Black Pistol Fire will play their first show in Atlanta on October 7th, opening for Scott H. Biram at The Earl! Get tickets.

Kevin McKeown and Eric Owen have been friends since kindergarten and began playing music together in high school.  After leaving their hometown of Toronto and settling down in Austin, they started Black Pistol Fire.  The result has been two high-energy blues rock albums mixing southern rock with garage punk.  But what makes them special is witnessing that energy in person.  They recently signed with Nimbleslick Entertainment in Athens, Georgia and played a show there last fall, but have yet to play in Atlanta.  Luckily for me, we crossed paths last summer and I got to see the duo live in Fort Worth, Texas at The Live Oak.  I can’t wait to see them in my hometown!

From Black Pistol Fire (2011):  “Jezzebel Stomp” live feat. a cover of Buddy Holly’s “Well… All Right”

From Big Beat ’59 (2012):  “Drop the Needle” live at Palm Door in Austin

More from Black Pistol Fire:

Stay tuned… this blog post will be updated periodically and as soon as that first Atlanta gig is announced!

Update (4/1/13):


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