These 9 Bands Have Never Played In Atlanta

At the end of every year, we’re flooded with lists of the year’s “best” from every music magazine, blog and publication.  Everyone shares their opinion on the best albums, songs and live performances, breaking them down into categories, sub-categories, genres and sub-genres and putting them into a top 3, 10 or even 100… the list goes on.  I’m not saying I hate it.  I read every one of them and I even create my own top 9 list every month on this blog (which I’ll continue to do).  But instead of doing year-end lists, I thought I would try something different.  Starting today, I’m keeping track of 9 bands/artists who have never performed live in Atlanta.  These artists will be promoted weekly and the list will be updated as soon as one of them finally plays their first gig.  It’s simple.  After a band plays in Atlanta, they’ll be removed from the list and someone new will replace them.  If you’re a musician or a fan of one that has never played here, let me know and I’ll consider you/them for the next available spot.  As far as the current list goes, I’ve already confirmed with each artist that they’ve never played here and they’re all excited about the day they finally do.

Get ready for giveaways from @NineLocal as soon as tickets go on sale and if you’re a fan living in Atlanta, support these artists!  Buy their music and let them know you want them to #Get2ATL!

These #Get2ATL bands finally played their first gig in Atlanta:


3 thoughts on “These 9 Bands Have Never Played In Atlanta

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