Hey Black Pistol Fire, Atlanta Wants You to #Get2ATL!

Black Pistol Fire has never played in Atlanta and I’m sharing this until they do (part of our #Get2ATL series):  

Update (7/28/13): Black Pistol Fire will play their first show in Atlanta on October 7th, opening for Scott H. Biram at The Earl! Get tickets.

Kevin McKeown and Eric Owen have been friends since kindergarten and began playing music together in high school.  After leaving their hometown of Toronto and settling down in Austin, they started Black Pistol Fire.  The result has been two high-energy blues rock albums mixing southern rock with garage punk.  But what makes them special is witnessing that energy in person.  They recently signed with Nimbleslick Entertainment in Athens, Georgia and played a show there last fall, but have yet to play in Atlanta.  Luckily for me, we crossed paths last summer and I got to see the duo live in Fort Worth, Texas at The Live Oak.  I can’t wait to see them in my hometown!

From Black Pistol Fire (2011):  “Jezzebel Stomp” live feat. a cover of Buddy Holly’s “Well… All Right”

From Big Beat ’59 (2012):  “Drop the Needle” live at Palm Door in Austin

More from Black Pistol Fire:

Stay tuned… this blog post will be updated periodically and as soon as that first Atlanta gig is announced!

Update (4/1/13):


Hey Jon and Roy, Atlanta Wants You to #Get2ATL!

Jon and Roy of Victoria, British Columbia have never played in Atlanta and I’m sharing this until they do (part of our #Get2ATL series):  

It all started in 2003 when Jon Middleton and Roy Vizer met at college and began performing live together.  Unfortunately for me, I didn’t discover Jon and Roy until the release of their 4th studio album last June.  But I’m glad I did.  Let it Go was the soundtrack to my summer… perfect for front porch sittin’ with my dog and watching the bonfire burn as the sun goes down.  Their message is pure, their sounds are smooth and their first show in Atlanta is long overdue!

From Let It Go (2012):  “Vibrant Scene”

From their debut album, Sittin’ Back (2005):  “Deep Steez”

From Homes (2010):  “Boon ‘Elm”

More from Jon and Roy:

Stay tuned… this blog post will be updated periodically and as soon as that first Atlanta gig is announced, we will begin our contest to give away tickets!

Hey Pickwick, Atlanta Wants You to #Get2ATL!

Pickwick has never played in Atlanta and I’m sharing this until they do (part of our #Get2ATL series):  

Update:  Pickwick played their first Atlanta gig in April, 2013, our #1 show that month!

Thanks to Sound on the Sound, I first heard Seattle’s Pickwick in 2011 after videos were recorded in the band’s basement and on the shore of the Doe Bay in Orcas Island, Washington.  This soulful six-piece band has since released an EP, Covers, which includes a version of Richard Swift’s “Lady Luck” and features the lovely Sharon Van Etten.  Pickwick’s debut album, Can’t Talk Medicine, will be available March 12th on Dine Alone Records.

Live from the basement: “Hacienda Motel” and “Window Sill”

Live from Doe Bay:  “Staged Names” and “Hacienda Motel”

More from Pickwick:

Stay tuned… this blog post will be updated periodically and as soon as the first Atlanta gig is announced!

Update (2/4/13):  Pickwick is coming to Atlanta!  Spring tour dates were announced today and the band will be playing at The Earl in East Atlanta Village on April 30th.  Tickets on sale this Friday, February 8th.

Update (2/8/13):  On sale today: buy tickets!

Update (2/18/13):  Today, two songs from Can’t Talk Medicine were featured on NPR’s World Cafe

Update (3/5/13):  Pickwick has shared the new album a week early on SoundCloud…

These 9 Bands Have Never Played In Atlanta

At the end of every year, we’re flooded with lists of the year’s “best” from every music magazine, blog and publication.  Everyone shares their opinion on the best albums, songs and live performances, breaking them down into categories, sub-categories, genres and sub-genres and putting them into a top 3, 10 or even 100… the list goes on.  I’m not saying I hate it.  I read every one of them and I even create my own top 9 list every month on this blog (which I’ll continue to do).  But instead of doing year-end lists, I thought I would try something different.  Starting today, I’m keeping track of 9 bands/artists who have never performed live in Atlanta.  These artists will be promoted weekly and the list will be updated as soon as one of them finally plays their first gig.  It’s simple.  After a band plays in Atlanta, they’ll be removed from the list and someone new will replace them.  If you’re a musician or a fan of one that has never played here, let me know and I’ll consider you/them for the next available spot.  As far as the current list goes, I’ve already confirmed with each artist that they’ve never played here and they’re all excited about the day they finally do.

Get ready for giveaways from @NineLocal as soon as tickets go on sale and if you’re a fan living in Atlanta, support these artists!  Buy their music and let them know you want them to #Get2ATL!

These #Get2ATL bands finally played their first gig in Atlanta:

January Shows in Atlanta, #1-9 (with a Spotify Playlist)

2013 is off to a fast start with great live music coming to Atlanta.  Here’s our list for the top 9 shows to see in January.  For more information on each event, click the link below.  See ya at the show!

#1:  Thomas Wynn & the Believers at Eddie’s Attic 1/9

#2:  Toubab Krewe at Terminal West 1/17

#3:  The Devil Makes Three at Terminal West 1/26

#4:  Archnemesis at Terminal West 1/25

#5:  G. Love & Special Sauce with Swear and Shake at Variety Playhouse 1/25

#6:  Gringo Star at The Earl 1/11

#7:  Rod Hamdallah and Marshall Ruffin at The Five Spot 1/12

#8:  Bloc Party at The Tabernacle 1/16

#9:  Moontower at Smith’s Olde Bar 1/26

Listen on Spotify:

January Shows in Atlanta, #1: Thomas Wynn and the Believers at Eddie’s Attic

Atlanta, Wed. 1/9:  Go see Thomas Wynn & the Believers at Eddie’s Attic!  I just discovered this Orlando band last week doing a last minute search for shows.  Um…. I’m glad I checked.  When I heard their album, Brothers & Sisters, here for the first time, I knew their show had to make the list.  But it was their new song and video of “Turn It To Gold” that earned them the top spot.  Yes, I’m a sucker for southern rock, or as the Orlando Sentinel describes the band, “Southern Rock Muscle.”  Watch them flex in this video on Off The Avenue TV… 

Tickets & Such:

  • $10 at box office / $13 online / $13 at the door
  • Doors: 6:30pm / Show: 8pm
  • Opener: John Thrasher
  • RSVP on Facebook
  • Eddie’s Attic, 515 North McDonough Street, Decatur, GA 30030

More from Thomas Wynn & the Believers:

January Shows in Atlanta, #2: Toubab Krewe at Terminal West

Atlanta, Thu. 1/17:  Go see Toubab Krewe at Terminal West!  How many of you have ever seen the soku, the kamelengoni or the kora played live and in person?  Now’s your chance.  This Asheville, NC instrumental band (don’t ask me to pronounce it) offers a unique sound heavily influenced by trips to Mali, Guinea, and Ivory Coast.  And after watching this video (all of it!) from their performance at Bonnaroo, I’m ready to make my own trip to West Africa.  Who’s coming with me?! 

Tickets & Such:

  • $13 at box office / $15.92 online
  • Doors: 9pm / Show: 10pm
  • Opener:  Dangermuffin
  • RSVP on Facebook
  • Terminal West, 887 West Marietta Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

More from Toubab Krewe: