New Music: David Ramirez Opens Up His Heart with Apologies

Everyone can relate to heartache and pain and if there has ever been an album to demonstrate those feelings, it is Apologies by David Ramirez.

On his 2nd full-length album, Ramirez truly pours out his heart and the transparency is clear on every track.  After traveling nonstop for years, he wonders if he’s chasing or being chased and longs for the day someone tells him to “Stick Around.”  He expresses his lack of faith on “An Introduction” when he cries “tell me where to find the Lord” and on “Chapter II,” he struggles to realize that the strength he needs is already inside himself.

When “listening to Apologies, one feels as if they are being given candid look at the most vulnerable parts of Ramirez’s soul,” says Ryan Bort at Paste Magazine.  The songs have “brutally honest lyrics that bring new meaning to some of life’s most difficult questions.” (read Bort’s review here.)

If you’re experiencing a heavy heart, be not dismayed.  The final track gives us hope to “Find the Light.”

“I wish upon you a brave heart, that will always rise above.  But most of all I wish upon you love…  As the sun sets, the moon begins to rise.  So even in the darkness, you’ll find the light.”


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