British Invasion? The Heavy + Bloc Party = New Albums of the Week

I find myself listening to artists from the UK, Australia and Canada as much, if not more than artists from the U.S.  Now, I’m not here to debate which continent is producing the best music, and I’m probably exaggerating, but I would love to see some data to back up my claim.  Hmm… maybe there’s an app for that?  Either way, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my first “Album of the Week” and first runner-up are both from across the pond.  Unfortunately, neither one has added Atlanta to their tour yet.

“Album of the Week” belongs to English soul-rockers, The Heavy.  Following the success of “How You Like Me Now?” and the band’s first two studio albums, The Glorious Dead brings an even heavier mix of rock, funk, soul and R&B.  Sarah Grant, at Consequence of Sound, describes it as “a clutch blues-rock record.”  Regarding the first single (below), she continues, “…when assisted by divine Georgian gospel singers, the call-and-response refrains come on like a southern gothic opera. No doubt, Dan Auerbach will be peeling the gold off his ceiling every time it plays.” (read her review here.)

Official Video:  “What Makes a Good Man?”

Runner-up “Album of the Week” belongs to London, England’s Bloc Party.

Official Video: “Octopus”


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